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Knowing that the longevity of a woman's career is usually cut off at thirty-five, I  started writing screenplays and fell in love with it.  My first screenplay won the WGA Producers Access Program.  There were over 1,500 scripts submitted and mine was one of three selected.  

Four of my screen plays were optioned but none of them made it to the screen. I formed Got a Laugh Entertainment, wrote, produced, directed and starred in a short , "Someone to Love" which was accepted at Cannes and is available on my IMDB page. 


My next film, "1 Nighter"  is a 90-minute rom-com“ starring Timothy Bottoms and myself.  I also wrote, produced and directed. It played on Amazon Prime for nine years and got high rankings and reviews. 

                       Would you like to see a 90 second  trailer?

                         Whip out your phone and type in ! Nighter

                   1 Nighter Full Movie - YouTube


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       Two strangers wake up together setting off a chain reaction

        pulling four more people into a crazy whirl of breakups,

        makeups and a whole lot of laughs.

1 Nighter  (2012)

User Reviews

9 Reviews


Highly recommend it!

rosko_sandy6 April 2013

An excellent movie overall. Very funny, thoroughly enjoyable. While obviously not a high budget movie, this didn't take away anything from the storyline or acting. Refreshingly original too - a nice departure from the same tired old stories in the cinemas lately. I would like to see more of Jill Jaress' work after this. Without giving anything of the story away, the style in which it is done kept me engaged the whole way through - no lulls. It promises to keep you laughing the whole way through and delivers on that promise by the comical adventures in each scene. This movie is a reminder that a great story and talented actors is all you really need for a winning movie experience.

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A little slap stick, a little Woody Allen

pz-7216514 February 2019

I think the thing that brings this silly rom com to life is the performances. The actors do a great job of committing to the comedy without trying to be funny. The characters and story is where the silliness lives. A little slap stick, a little Woody Allen. Embrace the characters and enjoy the ride. Popcorn helps.

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What a fun film!!

craigahrens7 May 2020

I thoroughly enjoyed this romance comedy (and that says a lot right there because I'm not what you'd call a big rom/com sorta guy, if you know what I mean). The actors were just terrific! I really enjoyed the performances of Timothy Bottoms and Jill Jaress. They did such a good job. I'm super impressed that Jaress wrote, directed, produced and was the female lead, holy cow!! This is an ideal movie for anyone who's looking for a good film and wants to feel good when it's over. A big thumbs up from me on this one!

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Funny rom-com

JGReviews13 February 2019

The One-Nighter is a funny romantic comedy about a young man and woman who wake up after a one night stand and don't remember a thing. They try to piece together who they are with, what happened the night before, and why they are stuck in some apartment together. The story also involves the next door neighbor (the former top hooker in Newark!) and the guy she's with, as well as a few other characters. The One-Nighter is obviously a low budget indie, but the actors really give it their all to make for a fun, light comedy. It was also a pleasant surprise to see Timothy Bottoms in the film, whom you may remember from his spot on George W. Bush impressions on such shows as That's My Bush! that was made by the South Park creators. If you're looking for a refreshing, light rom-com then check out The One-Nighter!

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Like Bob Byington's stuff

name99-92-54538924 February 2021

I wouldn't use Comedy to describe this, if that's what you're after you'll be disappointed. Rather, think of Bob Byington's movies, something like Frances Ferguson or Somebody Up There Like's Me -- a gentle story with weird characters, that's constantly zagging where you'd expect it to zig. The value is in the constant subversions of expectations, of a story that's nothing at all like what you expected.

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Hilarious and Fun!

bohemianpirate-871-38348719 February 2019

This is a super fun, well done rom com and I ate it up! I love the concept of a true one-nighter but instead of regretting it, you actually don't remember it! Novel idea! Loved the performances all around, really funny writing and directing. If you love an original rom-com, you don't want to miss this. Highly and hilariously recommend!!

Very Funny comedy

johnapplebee-9594716 February 2019

A very funny slap stick comedy. Definitely very original especially cutting to the guy singing and playing the guitar every so often. That was hilarious in itself. The couple on the washer and dryer was hilarious. If your looking for a good laugh definitely check this movie out

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Fun Light-hearted Comedy

WatcherOfTheSkies77710 August 2019

1 Nighter has a great comedic concept and it makes the most of it. Some of the situations that arise are pure gold and you can clearly tell that the actors are having a lot of fun. Some indie comedies tend to try a little bit too hard, in this movie the comedy comes out natural.

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Wild and romantic!

conwayhd23 March 2020

I loved the combination of quirkiness and romance in this film. It's light-hearted, sexy, funny and wild all at the same time and the hilarious musical interludes add a nice touch.



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